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My name is Luke I am 20 years old and my depression started when I was 18 years old after an accident at football practice where a heated argument ended with me throwing one single punch but this punch would end up causing a lot. He was knocked out and cracked his skull on the concrete.

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Things happen, and as unfortunate as this incident unfolded. You cannot keep beating yourself up for it. I know you feel awful and are sorry for it. You have to learn to heal as well and let go. It was a mistake, it’s ok to forgive yourself. Hope things get better for you. You do have a whole life ahead of you :) hang in there

Life motto of mine

Life motto of mine





New video! “Maybe I’m not confused.”

Margaret talks about 1. Thinking that you don’t know what you want to do with your life only to discover that actually you want to do more than one thing with your life, and 2. the realization that some of the jobs you want to have may not yet exist, and so you are going to have to figure out how to create them.

Good stuff as always.

Love this, it exactly how I’m feeling everyday!

The last couple of weeks I have extensively and exhaustively gone through countless websites. How to choose a job, what are some of my strengths and what are some of my hobbies. I think I have been destined to change people’s lives in a small positive way. I really enjoy everything that there is about art! I cannot get enough of it and it completely makes me happy.

After all this time, of searching for a perfect fit especially to my personality type that I may be a good Art teacher. I’d love to inspire others about Art, find a place that is safe for students to create. I have the ability to help others succeed. Through Art that could very well be a possibility. I have no idea if this is the right avenue or what my purpose is suppose to be, but I am willing to try and learn along the way. I am OK with that, I know people cannot stand doing something that has no meaning or purpose.

The thought of inspiring students to be creative and find a niche for their creative outlet makes me happy! I want to be that teacher they look up to and respect. I’m willing to give it a shot, I am tired of feeling like I cannot succeed or I will not be good enough to achieve the success that I want. I am going for it all the way!

I looked into University programs and got all of my transcripts in order to make this happen. I know that in the end I’ll be better off then where I am now especially with a plan.

Life rut

Looking back on the past ten years of my life. I have learned a lot about myself, my life and the people in it. High school was often times difficult trying to figure out where, who and what you are suppose to be. Fast forward, thirteen years later. I feel like I am sitting on a park bench watching my life go by. So many things I want to do but feel I can’t do them for fear of failure and even success. I have always struggled to know who I am as a person. I have an understanding of my inner self. But what is my role life? That’s my biggest question everyday, how do I get out of it. Do I need to have all different kinds of jobs? So that I’m happy and complete. A once read a quote that said “You need three things in life” Someone to love, something to do, something to look forward too. Pretty simple rule if you ask me. I have something to do but it drains me intellectually and creatively. That upsets me the most. Someone to love, yes I may not be in a relationship but I do have people I love including my dog. Something to look forward to is day when I finally understand what my purpose is suppose to be in this world. 

Other people have felt like this for awhile or don’t really give it much thought. I envy those people who already know what their life purpose is all about. I struggle with it everyday if I’ll ever get there, maybe I am suppose to do a bunch of little things that are interconnected. Then life will seem a little less of a struggle.